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Do writer’s minds work differently than other peoples?

When a thought comes to my mind that makes no sense, seems impossible, why does my mind refuse to accept that assessment of that thought? Instead of being rational, practical or even smart about this silly intrusion into normalcy, I say yes, why not?

The writer’s mind must have different components or dimensions or some other necessity that makes our thinking perverse and strange, but never out of the question. We see the crooked path it reveals as something slightly challenging to straighten, but are ready to proceed down that road. We see no reason why it cannot be traveled.

Flying upside down may just be normal to writers!

Flying upside down may just be normal to writers!

When the perfect crime insists on being part of the knowledge we possess, though we don’t actually go out and rob that bank or murder that individual, we know deep in our secret hearts, it is possible. It would work.

The image of a character comes into our thoughts almost complete with ‘warts and all’ and we can worry that image until it breathes. Our minds do not stop to say, that isn‘t right, that can’t be but, instead accepts those characters in their entire splendor and if it were possible would invite them to dinner that very evening even though we ‘just met.’

It makes no difference whether or not the world we create in our troubled minds contains any element of truth or reality. We really don’t care, but we want others to care. We want readers to find our craziness plausible. We crave acceptance from many people who don’t think like us. We search out those who will believe the world we created exists and are already buying their tickets for the next tour there.

So writer’s minds are different, they are unusual in their manner of thinking. But isn’t that so with every artist?

If our thought processes were like every other persons, who would be intrigued by we writers? Who would actually read what we have written? Just a thought!