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Believing in yourself through all the rejection

In recent years, I have not done much submitting in the real world instead of online. Years ago I submitted quite often and was mostly faced with rejections. In all honesty, some of the early stuff was really terrible and should never have been pronounced done, much less a possible submission. I guess we are all anxious for fortune and fame.

While fostering teens and doing programs for parents and at risk families, I decided to write a book. It was mainly about the ways in which we fostered and the kids in our homes. At that time, we were considered to be unique in our style and methods. I advertised it as a book on CD-ROM since I figured the few places I tried to submit to editors, but they were not interested. The rejections made me feel it might be worthless. I have recently decided to try to submit it as an e-book online and see what happens.

The point of all this rambling is that we must not give up as writers, even when rejections are overwhelming us. We must take it in our stride and accept that this is a large part of what the average writer would deal with every day.

Our skin must be thick, because rejection happens to writers many, many times over the years. We need to keep trying to hone those skills that are needed to produce something editors will accept.

If they comment negatively on your work, don’t take it to heart. I have found even when one online editor thinks it is terrible, another editor will praise it. So who is right and does it even matter. Your goal is to get it read and someday produce some money from this writing life. Meanwhile you must keep writing. Send out work every week, if not every day. Someone could actually give you a positive comment on it and show you the error of your ways. Positive criticism is helpful and will lead you to success.

Your attitude is everything when it comes to rejection. Those that papered walls with these slips are my heroes. They are saying I don’t accept your opinion of me and this just means I must get it before even more editors. When you open a rejection slip, don’t get frustrated since it just did not get to the correct editor or publication. Your face should not get long; your vocabulary should not consist of new but lethal words. Don’t get mad, get mailing. We have all read of the important authors of today and classic writers of the past who were turned down time after time. These are those people we admire and celebrate their success. If the greats got turned down, anyone can experience the same thing. Keep trying. Your whole attitude should be too bad, it’s their loss.

Rejection can find other forms as well. For example, how many people, look at writing as a waste of time and tell you that is their feeling? How many times do relatives or friends make snide remarks about your chosen profession? People often believe if you work from home, you have tons of time and are not really doing anything important. We must change that belief.

Rejection is nothing new and nothing to be concerned about, at least you have written something to be rejected. Many writers spend more time learning than writing. I think it should be the other way around. We all can improve and need to learn new things, but we must write tons so that the average of excellent final products is a higher. Don’t let anyone intimidate you. Do not let one person put you down in ways that devastate you. However, if three dozen editors say it is crap, you might start to accept that opinion. Then move on to another project and consider that one practice and a learning experience. Some of it may find its way into another project. Ideas research and knowledge are never wasted. Keep writing and keep working. Keep moving forward and believe in yourself since that is what really matters.