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Promoting Your Writing

Writing is hard work and once you have written something you would love for someone to read it. Writing must be promoted if you write on the Internet. There are thousands of online writers and everyone is vying for the reader’s attention. A reader can only read so much since most readers also have another life. So while the writing part is actually very important, you need to devote a good part of your day to promoting in order to make online writing a success.

We probably all use social networks to advertise our latest articles. While that seems a slow process, it is a necessary one. But, how much traffic, likes, comments, subscriptions or follows do we actually get from those?

If you have fixed your settings on the websites to which you write articles to automatically submit to Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Stumble upon and Tumbler as well as many other websites does that guarantee readers?

I would like to figure out a schedule in which to promote articles in a certain way every day, but sometimes that seems daunting. For those places you may want to try, but that all writing websites do not include as an automatic submission, that means a great deal of work daily. If you write 3 to 4 articles a day, the amount of promotion time seems almost impossible to achieve. You will actually spend more time promoting than writing.

Promoting writing involves using your time to the best advantage so you do not spend hours where you get little return. Getting more bang for your buck is exactly what you must consider when choosing where to promote.

Exchanging links with other writers seems to be a good way to help each other, but unless they are much more advanced in their writing career than you are and also have more contacts, it may be useless to pursue. More established writers were once where you are and may be able to help you avoid the promoting pitfalls. They may know where the best places are to promote so as to get enough of a return for your time. As your writing career advances, you too will have many more contacts and know which ones are the best bets to get results.

Hashtags for Twitter and Facebook are another possibility. You simply find a descriptive word for your piece. You put a (#) number sign in front of it and the web picks up this designation and it is shown with others of its kind. For example, this article could be promoted with a hashtag like this -#writingpromotion

Joining writer’s groups or chat rooms where there is a specific place to mention articles and list the ones you want to promote, is another avenue to try.

Writers need to locate all the possible ways for promoting and then choose wisely. Most writers only have so much time to promote daily and want to work on those with more likelihood for success.

There are lots of ways to make sure your articles get a growing readership and it would be helpful to explore each one on an individual basis. I may try to do that here.

I need to have help in finding all these places of promotion for myself as well as the readers of this blog. This is a place I could really use your comments as to what has worked for you. Thanks.

Please share your best place for promoting or add to the few I have already covered quickly.