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What is your writing to reading ratio?

Good writers are always well-read writers. In order to excel at writing, a person must read as much as possible. Reading different authors and genres enriches the experience a writer can call upon.

There is probably nothing you can read that does not teach you something new. Everything offers some different information or a different way to look at things. Your reading may open new doors for you and impart knowledge that really excites you. Reading about a new idea can help open your own mind and make your thinking more creative. But how much should you read and how much should you write?

If you’re like me when you read, you disappear from the here and now. You are swept away into a world that exists only on the page. You are engrossed in events, not real, but vital to you while you’re reading. The characters of the book may start to feel like family and you look out for their welfare. You feel emotional about what they are going through and really wish you were there to offer advice or help them in some way. Reading can be all absorbing and the trick is to get away from what you are reading long enough to get some writing done.

I believe most would-be writers and those that have reached the pinnacle also read more than they write. They are addicted to reading and so it may take the place of writing sometimes. This is not a bad way for writers to spend their time if they are learning more about their craft and not just reading for enjoyment.

So do you read twice as much time as you spend writing or do you read ten times more than the time devoted to writing? What is too much and what is too little?

We know to learn to write, writers must produce writing. My question seems to be does reading take away from writing or is it a complimentary activity that enriches your work and enables you to use your mind and think even out of the box. Creative thought can be the germ that becomes an idea that becomes a story that can be written into a completed work and be published. So read, but not all the time. So write, but make time for reading.

What is your take on the subject?