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Messy desk or orderly one?

I confess. I’m a messy person! Yes, messy is common on my desk most of all. While admitting I am messy, I must qualify it with my most pathetic excuses- I am interested in too many things, always have several projects going on at once and usually have 2 or 3 animals with me at all times. These things explain, but don’t excuse the problem.

First let’s consider the room. My Creation room is rather small, less than 8×10. It currently houses many items, since it is here that I try to be creative. This of course means writing, but it also holds craft supplies. Add to this my newest project which is attempting to start seeds indoors under lights, also on a large metal folding table. Hey, I told you it’s a creation room and gardening certainly applies to that category.

It also houses two small collections, very small, thank God, since there really is no room; one of musical carousel horses and one of cats. We are true animal lovers, had myself worried sick when my favorite all black squirrel was shivering in the wind on a leafless tree.no I didn’t bring it inside, mainly because I have no room.My husband has the dog collection, mainly Labs in his small man cave. He also collects anything airplane, so far mainly artwork and models. Our house is small and cozy, but rapidly getting crowded. I have actually got rid of some collections and packed others away. But I digress.

My desk which keeps changing to accommodate each new idea is currently a rather nice, small wooden kitchen table. It contains a laptop and printer, a lamp, assorted writing utensils and a darling birdcage( with cats on top to go with my cat collection) planter waiting for the right size plant. But in addition, is the large pile of papers waiting to be organized or filed or thrown.I will, since returning to writing, need file cabinets. I have had many different types in the past, but my last ones were stacked plastic affairs (they worked fine) but, now they hold fabric in anticipation of ever having time to learn to quilt.

So the room is crowded and at any given time, I have 2 or more pets that must be with me . When you add a desk chair, a stuffed chair which I rarely get to sit on since a pet usually claims it and a couple bookcases; you can see adding an additional 175 pounds of animal can create a crowded environment. This is a very long, convoluted, about way of saying, space is scare and so mess is likely in these conditions. Thank goodness for walls as they hold more craft supplies, planters and photos of our three grandsons so I can stare at  their wonderful faces as I try to think. Don’t see any of them nearly enough.But yes, the desk!

Getting back to my desk it has files and piles of paperwork, writing notes, booster club agendas, many interview notes and photo and descriptions of rescue pets in need of fostering or adopting.

Not sure whether I should designate certain days to do certain things or continue on in my chaotic style schedule and do something from each category every day. When writing a book, you must be much more disciplined, but doing more casual projects requires working with less deadlines and allows a more relaxed attitude.

But back to the desk, every day I start out with the best of intentions to organize and tackle the paper pagoda, but then something comes up, distraction occurs and the pile remains. I am called away, lured away by other computer activities or with 5 pets someone almost always needs to go outside or come in. Then there are those pesky, mundane events like showering, eating, preparing meals and feeding the pack. They are slightly more important than cleaning a disorganized desk so it still is messy. The important thing is I can almost always find anything in the house, even in My Creation room.

So how important is a clean desk anyway? Do you think it matters? Does a neat desk make you more prolific when writing? Do you write better? Does neatness bring serenity? Do you feel more comfortable with everything in its place?

What does the state of your desk need to be for you or do you even care because when I am in the throes of writing, nothing else matters?