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Does anyone else have this problem?

For me I get too focused on things and then become almost obsessive. Currently working on an event for our football booster club to benefit the teams and I have a very hard time dividing my attention so as to do other things like write.

I get fixated on making whatever I do a success and there is no time to think of other stuff. The silent auction I’m working on requires a lot of time and effort if it is to go well. I am using the Internet to save me time as there are few worker bees and much to be done.
Focusing on what to try to get donated, from where and how to promote this event are time consuming tasks and I am not one to take any job lightly if I am attempting to benefit some cause.

Another problem I find is that I am very detail oriented so each element of the planning must be examined, analyzed and decided how to make it better. If it can be better( usually means more complicated since my ideas don’t run to simple) I am your person. You know it’s like cooking, if an ingredient is tasty and 1 cup is what is called for, my mind starts thinking how it would taste with twice that much or at least a bit more. Can it be more attractive, can it last longer, can we offer this added benefit or that one. After a while a simple task can become most unwieldy.

When the research says you should have a specific number of items in regards to the expected turnout, I try to meet that number. If I cannot, I immediately feel a sense of failure. Does any of this sound the least bit familiar in your writing?

Sometimes we set goals for ourselves that are way too complicated or too impossible. We decide failure is not an option so we refuse to believe something cannot be done. Guess we must be shown that in a very plain way. Like they say, I do believe if the task is difficult and takes too much time to accomplish, I believe u like many okay it’s impossible so it will just take longer.

Don’t be too hard on yourselves writers! Remember the impossible just takes longer.