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Reflections on the spring of our writing

When spring approaches I find myself excited and hopeful. No matter what else is going on in my life, spring still means renewal to me. It means beginning again, even though I seem to be in that state continually since I never really stop anything, but revisit it after time taken for a break. From what am I taking a time out? I’m never sure, just the mind is so active it wants to explore everything and so starts something new way before finishing something old. I try hard to keep all these projects going at once, but my mind rarely focuses on one thing forever. Although it does not always focus, it does obsess about whatever is in the uppermost part of my mind’s cue. There is no reason to believe that what I just abandoned won’t be vital again and upmost in my mind in time to come.

Spring means more to me than lime green grass shoots and delicate early flowers, it means being reborn in a sense. It is one of those things that benchmark your timeline as a vital beginning. With Easter coming and the rebirth of nature and the renewal of life and faith, it is a very important landmark in your personal journey.

When a writer experiences a rebirth or renewal, it is similar to a newly discovered Christian. We feel pure and unstoppable, re-energized and like a veil had been lifted from our eyes. We see the truth or at least our truth. We recognize elements that were once hidden from us. We can see clearer and deeper than ever before and more mysteries are discovered and revealed.

Spring means a cleansing as well as a renewal, rain washes the landscape clean and death makes way for life. The babies are everywhere and nature has restarted a family any place you look. The past is old but makes way for the young future. Everything starts over. Everything is new again.

The writer needs to be cleansed of the old, the stale ideas that are no longer fresh and the unfinished stories that have lost their meaning for them. We need to rid ourselves of the characters who won’t talk to us and the dialogue that makes no sense any longer. We need to be willing to start over as the season demands it and our writing will also if we are only honest with ourselves.

Starting over is hard when we feel like we have given up our child as most writer’s feel about their writing. Abandoning that gem we think we have created; the possibility that it could be that one in a thousand book and could lead to fame and fortune. But more than that, we believe it could lead to someone wanting to read the words we slaved over. That is of course the ultimate reward.

When someone wants to share your thoughts it is such a compliment. Suddenly, a reader begins to understand your writer’s position and that is a priceless gift. After reading some time, a person begins to fathom the depth of your character and that is unbelievably exquisite.

Spring means renewal and new beginnings, so maybe we as writers, should each vow to have at least one new beginning. But don’t stop there we need another and then another until we write something so fresh and unknown that it takes hold in someone’s being. Without even thinking of fame and fortune, we should all be searching for something that has never been said in quite the way only we can say it.