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Meditation and it’s benefits for writers

Although I always knew meditation was good for you and had many benefits, I never knew how many. It can help so many parts of your body that it should be a weapon in everyone’s arsenal. The benefits to the writer can be seen in many of these results.

There are probably as many ways to do meditation as there are reasons to engage in it. While I trust all of you can find their own ideal form, I will explore how it can help a writer.

First of all, any person who writes knows how tiring, draining and energy sapping it can be when you pursue it longer than you should. We know if the writing is not going well, it puts an enormous strain on our bodies as well. With that in mind, we can see how this result can affect your general health. Meditation, however, is great for your health. Some of the hundreds of benefits include helping you waste less energy, reduce the activity of viruses, bring blood pressure back to normal and even increase your tolerance for exercise. It can also enhance your immune system.

The benefits to the mind are even more wonderful. When you meditate, your cells receive more oxygen and other nutrients. This is amazing for all your body, but especially useful for the brain of a writer. Meditation can increase your concentration and even strengthen your mind. When you meditate, your body increases its serotonin levels which are helpful in sleeping well and in experiencing a sense of well-being.

It is often hard to write when we are under stress from everyday life or special circumstances. Mediation is said to relieve emotional distress and help us to resolve problems.

Meditation can even offer a cure for doubt when we as writers start to second guess ourselves instead of relying on our instincts. Meditation is instrumental in building up self-confidence. It can clear up the entire muddle that is currently your mind by giving you an orderliness of your brain function.

When you are stressed or so driven that it interferes with your taking time out for you, try meditating. It is said that meditation can produce a much deeper level of relaxation.

Writing depends on your good health and your great brain function to be at its best. To excel we must learn to concentrate while working, but relax at playtime.

Writer, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain, so give meditation a try if you are not already adding that to your tool box. It may prove invaluable.