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The Brethren by John Grisham -Book Review


Trumble is the name of a minimum security prison with the usual variety of inmates such as drug , bank robbers and embezzlers. This prison also has a unit called The Brethren made up of three lawyers. although they have no license to practice, they do quite a lot of  for fellow inmates.

They meet daily in the law library where they handle cases for the inmates and write briefs. They have been known to settle justice in the prison type of method.

However, with all this work, you would not think they have time for mischief, but you would be so very wrong. They have hatched a mail scheme that is very lucrative until they get caught by accusing the wrong person. They chose the wrong victim this time. he is powerful and has dangerous friends.

This causes the once lucrative mail scheme to start to fail and the flowing in of sizable cash  to diminish. What will they do?

As in every Grisham story , this one has great characters, superb  plots and keeps you glued to your seat edge till the very end.

I recommend this author because he never disappoints, This book is just another complex story made simple. you will love it.

The Confession by John Grisham – Book Review


I have never read a John Grisham book that wasn’t fantastic. The Confession is no different. Grisham is such an excellent storyteller and he keeps your attention. His books are all page turners. His plots are fresh and relevant.

This story is about an unknown person who comes to see the minister of the church to speak with him. This is not an unusual event for such talks to take place, but this turns out to be a unique event. After speaking a while, the man wants to make a confession. This is the beginning of a long story for the minister and a challenging and scary journey is taken as a result..

This stranger who confesses is confessing to a long-ago crime. His timing makes the journey a real adventure because they are on a deadline. The deadline they are trying to beat is the execution of the man wrongly accused and convicted of the crime the confessor claims is his.

The story will take you in many directions. The Confession lets you be a fly on the wall to observe the incredible story as this happened. It gives insight into the preparations for an execution. It shows you the reality of the electric chair.

If you enjoy mysteries about the law, you will find this book an eye-opener as to what lawyers are up against trying to save clients. I recommend this book to all who like lawyer mysteries and John Grisham.