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Random thoughts-Don’t let anything keep you from family

I have decided that sometimes what I really want to talk about has nothing to do with my blog topic. So on these days, I hope you will forgive and maybe enjoy my transgressing and my random thoughts.

My son, his family, my husband and I finally got back to our Sunday dinners last night. I used to cook dinner almost every Sunday, but it has been weeks since I last made us all a weekend meal. Many things stood in our way since our last meal together on New Year’s Eve. My husband had the flu, my son has been in tremendous pain with a bad back and it took forever to get to see his neurologist. He is still waiting for an MRI and is on heavy duty meds which makes incidentally makes him very entertaining. We had conflicts in work schedules and grandson’s games and family responsibilities. We had a crunching of the budget due to some unforeseen events. However, none of this excuses our absence from one another.

As I sat there last night while dining I was thinking about what should be so important as to cancel or stop our weekly gatherings? No matter what is happening, we should touch in with each other often. Well, we do Facebook and text and occasionally call, but I am speaking of the face-to-face meetings. They are so important.

The importance of seeing family often is not appreciated or we would all attempt to make it happen on a weekly basis. We are only a couple miles apart (unlike my daughter and her family) so we should be able to keep in touch.

I have always held eating together as a family in the highest esteem and when I fostered teens, there were few reasons that could excuse them from the supper table. That was our time to eyeball them. Since we fostered the challenging ones who got to come to our house instead of jail, we really needed to do this. You would be surprised how much you can learn about your kids when you look at them and really listen to them. Sometimes, you find out more than you wish you knew. Still it is a valuable time to connect.

To me the enjoyment of good food in good company is my best entertainment even if I do the cooking and it is at my house. Simple desires and wishes can be attained much easier than those high cost adventures and vacations. Even those dinners out cannot often compete with the fun and laughter that accompanies family in a relaxed, casual setting.

The fact that a great attitude comes out of these meals as well as an inordinate amount of craziness just confirms my feeling it is not only wanted but needed. Recently, while researching for an article, I found out that studies have confirmed that laughter really is the best medicine. Since most of us have some illness, pain or other emotional problem it is just what the doctor ordered. We had to cut our experience a bit shorter than usual since my son is in so much pain right now. It is vital to a healthy existence to spend time together whenever possible. We must make up our mind to make this a reality no matter what is happening. Still it is a valuable experience every time we connect.

Life can be shortened so suddenly for anyone and we should remember to keep our family and all loved ones close.