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Gaining patience for writing and resulting goals


If you’re like me you are impatient about everything. I want it all to happen now. I do not want to wait for anything, but writing requires patience. You must be patient while learning the skill and even more patient to see results.

Learning to write well does not happen overnight. Some of us have been writing for decades and still don’t possess all the skills we need.

Anytime you write with expectations of success, you must learn patience. Establishing a following in any field is time consuming and does not go fast even though we need to speedily reach that goal.

To make money at a craft or art is unlike actually earning a paycheck at a 9 to 5 job. It is a painstaking process and while following this path it is true that starvation could happen. We put our art or craft first, but must temper that ideal with some practicality since ideals do not pay any bills or put food on the table.

Especially when doing online writing, you must learn patience since you have so much competition that making a name for yourself requires much time with little reward. It does not mean this is a worthless pursuit, but it will seem so without patience.

As a poet or writer searches for the exact word they need, patience is required. While fleshing out a character to make them live, patience is required. To say exactly what you mean in exactly the way you need to require patience. So where do you get this patience from for each and every day as you struggle to put words to paper?

What are the things that teach people patience? There are very few if you are anxious like me to get on with things. Any project that does not yield immediate gratification teaches patience. Anything that can slow you down while still increasing your interest in results can be a helpful tool in gaining patience.

One such patience increasing activity is gardening. You plant a tiny seed and expect it to grow to a fully mature plant. There are many things that can delay its germination and many challenges it must conquer. If the weather is too cold, it may slow it down, possibly even permanently. If the water is not plentiful enough it might thwart its growth. It may start to look like success is right around the corner, but then something unforeseen happens. It could be a hailstorm or the neighbor’s dog or maybe a fungus that kills it. Then we are left to start again. That certainly requires patience.

Quilting by hand is a craft that requires patience, probably more so than other types of sewing. It is a tedious work of patching and matching, contrasting and coordinating colors and fabrics. When the top is made, we then must add the batting and after basting in place, we then begin the arduous, though enjoyable, element of quilting the layers together in tiny stitches. In some quilts, you will be adding a binding or possibly embroidering colorful stitches on top in addition to the quilting. Some hand quilts take a year or more to complete. Now that is a great example of patience.

Waiting for a baby to be born requires a good deal of patience since even though the end date is somewhat known, we must go through many stages before it happens. There are challenges in health and possibly changes in our moods, living conditions and other stressful differences that challenge us before the arrival of that sweet little being.

One more thing that comes to mind and also teaches patience is a jigsaw puzzle. If you have little patience, don’t engage in this activity since it will drive you completely batty. You need to be observant and take your time if you are ever to complete it. This is not an activity that lends itself to speed and the finished product takes time to appear. Patience allows you to succeed.

There are many other activities that might teach patience. Is there one that helps you?

Writers need to learn patience so they do not get pushed down and believe what they do has little value or merit. They must look eagerly toward any degree of success while keeping emotions in check as they try to achieve their goals. Be patient, success will happen one day. Instead of fretting over your faraway destination, enjoy the journey.