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Using traditions and their importance to you as a person and writer

Most families have traditions especially for holidays. I have traditions for almost every major holiday and some other times that are just unique to me or my family

Yesterday, I missed my traditional celebration for St. Patrick’s day since I was feeling under the weather. I will try to make it up sometime in the next week, but it won’t be quite the same.

I have always felt traditions were especially important when you have children at home. Traditions give your kids a sense of heritage and history. They help them feel connected to a larger something. They feel like they belong and they fit in. Traditions are important.

Even though, we have no small children at home, we still carry on lots of traditions. There will be celebrations for every holiday possible and some we made up to get rid of the everyday boredom.

Some intimate celebrations and parties were borne of the winter blahs, a streak of bad luck or just plain boredom. We decided something out of the ordinary must happen in order to restore our good nature and equilibrium.

Knowing about cultural traditions can be an asset when writing out of your personal experience. The variety of traditions people have invented for the holidays are often quite interesting and could be something to stimulate your thinking.

Traditions will give authority and credibility to your writing when used appropriately. It will help flesh out a character and allow them to come alive. It will add depth to your story or plot and could even be the main theme you are exploring.

Traditions offer a chance for another level of your writing. For writers this could be a welcome event.

As well as providing useful material for your stories and poems, it could be of a helpful nature to the writer and their family. Never taking time for oneself or your family, will leave the writer bankrupt of the support and love they need to continue. Traditions are those things we value and have special significance to us. If our families think they are getting short shrift of your time, they will feel threatened and unhappy. An unhappy spouse, significant other or family can be an awful burden to a writer. Keep everyone happy and celebrate those traditions that are so personal for you.