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Every experience fodder for your writing

Every day brings new experiences or it should. The visit with a friend you haven’t seen in years can produce memories and pretty soon it is an experience and you feel like you have just lived it. Waiting in line at the grocery store, you witness an extraordinary encounter between two strangers and suddenly your mind starts to wonder where that story could have gone, if you hadn’t had to hurry home with the groceries. You’re waiting for your doctor appointment when a harried young lady rushes to the counter and asks can she get the doctor immediately as her mother is in her car and she thinks she is dying.

Every experience is another writing possibility. Of course, the result may not even resemble the initial experience, but may have stimulated your mind and drove you to creativity.

Even if you stay home, those experiences might come to you online or in another way but, not face to face. They can be part of a phone conversation or a scrap of dialog heard in a restaurant.

A post on Facebook or a tweet on Twitter may supply something so unique and impact you in such a way as to be your experience and produce your own reactions to it.

Viewing a photograph, piece of artwork or a movie can set the wheels in motion and suddenly you find yourself scribbling notes and forgetting what you were originally doing.

Your husband or wife shares a co-worker story and that reminds you of a character you’re working on and suddenly that written person makes sense.

Taking a drive could present you with a lovely scene just waiting to be written. Travelling always stimulates my mind and suddenly everything is more in focus and I notice signs and names, scenes and people, food and music, art and fashion. Each culture has something different to offer.

Writers use these moments and experiences because they could be totally unique and so unusual you may not come upon their likes again.

Every day and everything can be fodder for your writing. Gobble it up, savor it slowly or taste it with surprise, but use it.