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The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks – Book Review


This novel has been available for a while, since 1996 in fact. I’ve always wanted to read it, but since I read many genres in both e-books and physical books, the TBR list is long. I also never saw the movie. A rule of mind when possible is to read the book 1st, then watch the movie.

This is a wonderful love story. It spans many years that have not been without challenge, especially in the beginning. They married against the advice and family disapproval. They struggled and worked hard, but never stopped loving each other. We learn about the definition of ageless love and passion that lasts into old age.

Later in life, when his wife becomes admitted to a nursing home with the major problem being her Alzheimer’s, the husband reads to her every day and helps her regain and keep some memories.

Even later in years, his health has deteriorated, and he joins her in the nursing home. Even though, he is also ill, he still sneaks to her room and shares memories with her.

The love and passion they both feel after all these years is so touching.

I highly recommend read this book it is a celebration of love and devotion to your spouse that is incredible.