Book Review for Pearseus/Schism by Nicholas C. Rossis



This is a Prequel to the Pearseus Series. If you heard of the Perseaus Series by Nicholas C. Rossis you know how popular it is and for a good reason this work blends so many things together flawlessly. It is a combination of fantasy and Sci-Fi. It includes Greek mythology and history. Rossis has also created a most perfect study of human nature.

The plot starts with the crash of a spacecraft of humans from earth. One minute the Earthlings were celebrating New Years and the next they were counting survivors and grieving over their dead. The planet they now live on is amenable to their human physiology and they sincerely believe the original inhabitants are also not a threat.

Instead of concentrating on their great luck at surviving the crash and still being alive their human nature took over and they began to put into practice all the things that have killed off civilizations since time began. They began to quarrel and set up separate factions politically motivated but, not without the thirst for revenge. Of course, greed and power were the driving force in the struggle to come out on top and have their will imposed on others. Does any of this sound familiar to you?

The prequel is an introduction to the new world, its creators as well as those who wish to replicate Earth along with all its mistakes. The power struggle is evident as in any kingdom where all want to be in charge and reign.

A very good novel. I highly recommend it and the series that follows sounds very compelling to follow.







Did you hear about this great event? You didn’t? Oh no, where have you been? This is the most exciting thing that ever happened to RRBC and that’s saying a lot because the Rave Reviews Book Club offers excitement every day. You really need to check out this club. You will be amazed at all it does but, that is nothing compared to the support our members give each other. Want a place to fit in, a family who works toward your success, not just theirs? Here is the link to check out     This is the place you want to be but, I digress.

This virtual conference is open to writers and readers. It will be helpful for the most experienced authors and be a Godsend to the inexperienced beginner. The most successful writers will be presenting the sessions. Their long time experience will be evident as they explore topics like marketing. Now which author doesn’t need that information? Another topic will be how to format easily. Am I the only one who needs to confess to uttering a few not so ladylike words when forced to do that task? For those of us that blog, the session on that topic should be invaluable. There are so many more sessions to choose from but, register now. Here are the links you need to check it all out

*Conference Dates: December 1st thru 3rd

*Registration Deadline: November 23rd

*Registration Link:

*Pricing Link:

*Offered Sessions: Blogging For Success, Marketing 101, Formatting Made Easy, Social Media Dos & Don’ts (More sessions can be found on the website, if you would like a full listing.)

This conference is going to be all online so you can even come in your pajamas. It will be casual, fun and informative just like any other conference without the cost of travel and staying in an expensive hotel room. The sessions will be presented in different ways so it should never be boring and keep you interested.

If you only go to one writer’s conference this year-let it be this one. I invite you to check it out. Hurry and register since time is running out.


My New Book – Just Released – A Collection of Jo Ann’s Thoughts


I just released my new book called A Collection of Jo Ann’s Thoughts. This was a way for me to answer the many questions I get from readers and chat room attendees. It was a way to corral the numerous pieces of writing in one place and still this book certainly does not contain all my articles.

This book is available on Amazon in e-book and print format-

You may also purchase this at Create Space-

For decades I wrote articles for websites online and print offline. Many of them were addressing parenting and foster parenting issues. I specialized in many different types of articles for specific websites. For example I wrote hundreds of articles about party planning and celebrating holidays for Suite 101. As an Examiner, I covered small business issues and rescue pets topics. There were many more issues especially when covering newspaper stories.

When you are involved in the social services field for foster parents, dysfunctional families and challenging kids, topics you deal with daily results in articles you wish to share. Sometimes they are a form of advice and some of mine have even been used in parenting and foster parent training. Dan and I used them in doing our job and others have included some of them in their agencies training as well. Many of my articles were also reprinted in newsletters for various foster care and adoption agencies.

Some articles discuss terms and concepts which I found vital when working with at risk kids. These include “Success is Relative,” “Unconditional Love” “Separate the Kid from the Behavior” and “Foster Care is a Different World”

While working with whole families, it became apparent that some parents do not know how to provide activities for their children which led to a whole series of articles such as starting your children on a collecting hobby or tracing your roots for your kids.

Kid’s parties and I believe in celebrating holidays of all kinds even when money is short. There are non-expensive ways to keep the holiday and at least include its recognition. Since I love theme parties, I have included several plans in this book.

Relationships have their own set of issues and being married to the same man for over 52 years, I think I found a few of the answers to popular questions about marriage. Communication is one topic discussed in this book along with how to choose friends and mates.

Since wring for such a long time, almost every imaginable topic has been explored in my articles. Of course they are not all in this volume. The miscellaneous section includes such things as an essay of food, how to organize a bedroom closet, spiritual issues and my take on gun control.

This book includes 60 articles. All fairly short and easy to read. Lots of topics not discussed here. If this book finds interest, there are enough articles to at least do two more books.

Please grab a copy since I will need readers and reviewers. Thanks to all who have supported me.

Book Review-Jazz Baby by Beem Weeks


I cannot give this book enough praise. I believe Mr. Weeks hit the mark perfectly when he described the era and the culture in the poor, dilapidated sections of the southern cities. He lets you into the grungier part of town where vice is expected and the cost of getting what you want or need can be very high. This is not society of The Great Gatsby though the motives and desires may have been the same. Gatsby gave you the cleaned up version.

He introduces us to Baby Teegarten, a -would -be -jazz singer just trying to break into the places where that type of music is allowed. The girl is very young and very small but, with a big voice, enough to make those church women cry. All she wants is to sing jazz and eventually get to New York to perform where she expects to find fame and fortune. But, she must start somewhere so here in rural Mississippi and New Orleans she tries to get her break. The problem isn’t talent but she is too white for those speakeasies.

Emily Ann, in many ways more child than woman, is experiencing her coming of age and the realistic emotions and desires many of us experience go much further when her curiosity leads her into many dangerous and unsavory situations. However, this girl never gives up.

This is a must read book but, be warned of the realistic portrayal of sex and violence if such things would offend you. The book is worth the read in spite of these things. I highly recommend it.

Book Review of The Elixir by Lori Soard


This book by Lori Soard called the Elixir is a mystery romance novel. It brings up such questions such as “What if a fountain of youth formula were found, would there be ethical considerations? Could this advancement be a good thing? Why would anyone be against a formula aimed at giving folks the opportunity to live longer?”

Who would be the one group possibly against its reaching the market? The thought only comes to light after several unexplained murders including the formula’s inventor. The Elixir has enough twists and turns to please the mystery reader. Every time you believe you know the killer, you find out your guess is wrong. But, isn’t that how every good mystery behaves?

If you throw in some spy stuff and a possible friendship turned romance, you have a lot of possibilities and that is just what Soard has done. You will enjoy the baby steps toward and the backward undoing of those steps in the search for the answer to do they want friendship or a lover’s relationship.

The plot is enticing enough to keep you reading and the hints are clear enough to keep you guessing.

I highly recommend this book to the romance readers and mystery addicts out there.

Authors-Finding the Right Book Club is Important! Try RRBC




I am very new to this author thing and the ways to promote your book and get it noticed. I have tried several different methods and found a few hard working people that were good at promoting and had wonderful ideas but, still the results were not impressive.

Finally, a few months ago, I signed up for Rave Reviews Book Club. It was a low cost solution that fit into my meager promotion budget. I thought it an encouraging sign when I introduced myself in a post that many immediately welcomed me and seemed interested in knowing me and my work.

Next, as part of my membership, I needed to obtain, read and review other’s work. I have only done a few reviews but, know how important this part of the agreement is and have several more books lined up to meet the membership qualifications and beyond. Any time I post something on Twitter about my books or others, I see an immediate response of lots of retweets from this club’s members. I try to spend a little time reading others posts and responding as often as possible. The whole club is involved in doing the same things so you get lots of help and support. It is truly the most active bunch of authors and readers I have come across so far.

Recently when they held their month long book and blog tour, I signed up two of my different blogs. The amounts of visits and comments received was phenomenal. In fact, when I turned on my computer at 6 am, I already had 20 comments. This is a very loyal group. The tour was lots of fun and we even won prizes.

After the blog tour, I was invited to be a guest on the club’s radio station. That program will air on September 24th and I will be one of four guest who will get their five minutes of fame. I am looking forward to that program and hope it furthers my quest for more notice of my books and ultimate sales.

The response from this club makes me feel that I have found a true group of friends who actually care about my struggles and challenges as an author.  They are more like family in that they are encouraging and helpful without reason to act in that way. The group exemplifies the concept that everyone needs to help everyone else become the best they can be. The fact follows that being supportive of others returns the same back to yourself. The simple concept isn’t hard if your goal is to be the best you can be while pulling others along with you. There is no need to discredit others to make yourself feel better since we are all in the same situations. There is no need to really compete except to help others excel while you do. We all need help and are made better by lifting others up. A truly Christian concept.

I highly recommend this group. The Rave Reviews Book Club led by Nonnie Jules is a wonderful place to propel your writing career. The notable names that make up the roster are not just great authors but, caring people who you feel proud to know even a little. For more information about this great club every author needs to join check out this link.


Check it out- I feel like I finally came home.


Book review for Haunting Megan by Rebecca Reilly

haunting megan

Haunting Megan is a great book with enough twists and turns, surprises and reveals to satisfy any mystery buff. The clues are well placed and usually a startling discovered fact to what you thought you knew. The story flows well and the characters are so well drawn you just read dialogue and know who spoke it right away.

I liked the realistic treatment of how likely such early tragic events in life can cause so many problems later. People can only handle so much without showing the scars. The paranormal element belongs and does not seem out of place. You easily suspend disbelief knowing these forces are really out there and it could have happened just this way.

The glimpse into emotions that cause people to hold onto grudges, jealousy and ill feelings about others for many years shows some people have not reached a high level of maturity along with age.

I highly recommend this book and think it deserves the highest rating. You won’t be sorry you grabbed a copy to read.