Jo Ann Wentzel’s Content

Since I am the new Colorado Springs Rescue Animal Examiner, there will be a few weekly articles dealing with that topic. I will enclose links to all my content here. I also write for Helium at this point on a variety of subjects and links to those will also appear here.
Colorado Springs Rescue Animals Examiner Articles

Nine reason to adopt instead of buy pets
Start a new Valentine’s Day tradition
Ask questions when starting to foster a pet
Valentine’s Day treats for pets-the good, the bad and the ugly
We need to rescue pets whenever and however you can
Giving your heart to a pet this Valentine’s – make…
Showing love with a Valentine’s pet
Can your dog be an ESA or emotional support dog?
Foster Parents Needed for Death Row Dogs-Please
Ten things you may not know about the Pikes Peak…
All Breed Rescue and Training helps you find and…
Afraid of losing pet makes people hesitant to adopt
So you want to adopt a rescue pet. Are you sure?
For this couple the pros outweigh the cons with
Dealing with rescue dogs and their abandonment issues
Why you should consider adopting a rescue pet

Reasons why folks have low self esteem and how that effects them

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