Writing groups and writers chatrooms-are they helpful or harmful

Years ago there seemed to be good reason to join other writers groups and visit their chat rooms. As time passed, I was not so sure. Whether or not it benefited me, I wonder if they benefit anyone? I do believe that actual classes, seminars, conferences and training run by professionals that have already achieved success are different. Those seem to be very helpful and advantageous to the person attending them.

In the past, when I was part of these groups, I always felt I should have been writing rather than clacking with other hens and roosters. The talk was sometimes helpful and enlightening, but most time just a time waster. Writer’s need to write every day, as often as possible and as much as possible if they are to ‘make it. Success depends on perfecting our writing skills as much as it does our great ideas. Do you agree?If more time is spent chatting rather than writing, you will never gain the expertise you need.

It is fine to share your work with someone who will be honest and fair, but also helpful and uplifting. Just because we are part of a writer’s group does not mean we are professionals who have all the answers. All writers can benefit from a give and take of ideas or resources or jobs but, that may be where it ends.

If your group is honest in critiquing you it could be helpful, but writers are often all going after the same assignments and jobs so is there gong to be fairness. I would love to know if you found a fair group that is uplifting to you and is a good source of information and resources.

I am hesitant to get back into groups as I found them sometimes to be almost unfriendly. I do want to find a place that serves the writer, not the gossiper or the bored housewife. I want a place with information unavailable other places . I want a place where you feel welcome and know you are among friends. Where you can hang back and listen or speak your mind without too much criticism. Do you know of a place like that, please comment below so we can check it out.

Groups are important since writing can be a very lonely profession.