Personal-Help us Stop Child Sexual Abuse


These novels were written since the problem is so widespread the whole world needs to know and try to stop it.


This book was written after decades of foster care and working with challenging children. It was then we discovered at least 50 % of those kids had been sexually abused.

Dan and Jo Ann Wentzel have been retired for a couple years but even after working with challenging children and dysfunctional families for decades decided they wanted to do something more. As Christians, they prayed about it and recently found their answer.

They never made much money as they spent most working years in foster care or in programs designed to help kids and families. With no money, they decided if they wished to retire, it must be on a very small budget- just social security. The one way they could do this was to live full time in a small and old RV. This motor home works for living but never runs too well. They are presently living in New Mexico since it is one of the least expensive places to live.

They feel their proposed mission is God inspired and will follow his command but need money to replace or fix this vehicle. There will also be other types of expenses from gas to office supplies in order to accomplish their goal. Their mission is to drive to places to speak or train as parenting and foster parenting experts. Some organizations have tiny budgets and can more easily afford speakers or trainers who do not need to fly or live in fancy hotels. They hope to earn money for these opportunities and sell books. Jo Ann has authored four books on related topics. The past two novels introduce the fact that sexual abuse of children is very widespread not only in this country but also probably among your own neighbors.

If you love children and wish to help stamp out child sexual abuse we ask you that you please support our mission. We believe God is leading us to do this work and to start a Go Fund Me Campaign. We will appreciate any help you can give us. To learn more about the Wentzel’s please visit our website at

Can you help our cause?


Dan and I feel uncomfortable asking people for money but Go Fund Me said we should start with our everyday contacts to make them aware of our new mission.

Our mission is a challenging one. It is to spread awareness of a taboo subject. We hope to be the voice of children who in the past have and presently are experiencing sexual abuse. They are alone, frightened and confused as those they trust hurt them. Often times, they are not believed and even ridiculed for such accusations. This means they are victimized again.

After decades of working with children and families, we know at least 50% of the kids suffered sexual abuse and endured this indignity. Many were broken individuals who could not function in a normal relationship. They could not trust, love or be loved.

We have set up a Go Fund Me campaign to collect donations. We are not a non-profit so the government looks at these donations as Gifts of Love. Please help us help stop this heinous crime. Help us save children. Help us bring this topic into the light. It cannot continue to be a dark, hidden secret if it is ever to stop.

If you can donate, we need it to start our mission. Once we reach the goal, the project will be self -sustaining. Either way we ask you to share this message with all your contacts across all your social networks.

Dan and I thank you so much for taking the time to read this message.

My New Book – Just Released – A Collection of Jo Ann’s Thoughts


I just released my new book called A Collection of Jo Ann’s Thoughts. This was a way for me to answer the many questions I get from readers and chat room attendees. It was a way to corral the numerous pieces of writing in one place and still this book certainly does not contain all my articles.

This book is available on Amazon in e-book and print format-

You may also purchase this at Create Space-

For decades I wrote articles for websites online and print offline. Many of them were addressing parenting and foster parenting issues. I specialized in many different types of articles for specific websites. For example I wrote hundreds of articles about party planning and celebrating holidays for Suite 101. As an Examiner, I covered small business issues and rescue pets topics. There were many more issues especially when covering newspaper stories.

When you are involved in the social services field for foster parents, dysfunctional families and challenging kids, topics you deal with daily results in articles you wish to share. Sometimes they are a form of advice and some of mine have even been used in parenting and foster parent training. Dan and I used them in doing our job and others have included some of them in their agencies training as well. Many of my articles were also reprinted in newsletters for various foster care and adoption agencies.

Some articles discuss terms and concepts which I found vital when working with at risk kids. These include “Success is Relative,” “Unconditional Love” “Separate the Kid from the Behavior” and “Foster Care is a Different World”

While working with whole families, it became apparent that some parents do not know how to provide activities for their children which led to a whole series of articles such as starting your children on a collecting hobby or tracing your roots for your kids.

Kid’s parties and I believe in celebrating holidays of all kinds even when money is short. There are non-expensive ways to keep the holiday and at least include its recognition. Since I love theme parties, I have included several plans in this book.

Relationships have their own set of issues and being married to the same man for over 52 years, I think I found a few of the answers to popular questions about marriage. Communication is one topic discussed in this book along with how to choose friends and mates.

Since wring for such a long time, almost every imaginable topic has been explored in my articles. Of course they are not all in this volume. The miscellaneous section includes such things as an essay of food, how to organize a bedroom closet, spiritual issues and my take on gun control.

This book includes 60 articles. All fairly short and easy to read. Lots of topics not discussed here. If this book finds interest, there are enough articles to at least do two more books.

Please grab a copy since I will need readers and reviewers. Thanks to all who have supported me.

Random thoughts-Don’t let anything keep you from family

I have decided that sometimes what I really want to talk about has nothing to do with my blog topic. So on these days, I hope you will forgive and maybe enjoy my transgressing and my random thoughts.

My son, his family, my husband and I finally got back to our Sunday dinners last night. I used to cook dinner almost every Sunday, but it has been weeks since I last made us all a weekend meal. Many things stood in our way since our last meal together on New Year’s Eve. My husband had the flu, my son has been in tremendous pain with a bad back and it took forever to get to see his neurologist. He is still waiting for an MRI and is on heavy duty meds which makes incidentally makes him very entertaining. We had conflicts in work schedules and grandson’s games and family responsibilities. We had a crunching of the budget due to some unforeseen events. However, none of this excuses our absence from one another.

As I sat there last night while dining I was thinking about what should be so important as to cancel or stop our weekly gatherings? No matter what is happening, we should touch in with each other often. Well, we do Facebook and text and occasionally call, but I am speaking of the face-to-face meetings. They are so important.

The importance of seeing family often is not appreciated or we would all attempt to make it happen on a weekly basis. We are only a couple miles apart (unlike my daughter and her family) so we should be able to keep in touch.

I have always held eating together as a family in the highest esteem and when I fostered teens, there were few reasons that could excuse them from the supper table. That was our time to eyeball them. Since we fostered the challenging ones who got to come to our house instead of jail, we really needed to do this. You would be surprised how much you can learn about your kids when you look at them and really listen to them. Sometimes, you find out more than you wish you knew. Still it is a valuable time to connect.

To me the enjoyment of good food in good company is my best entertainment even if I do the cooking and it is at my house. Simple desires and wishes can be attained much easier than those high cost adventures and vacations. Even those dinners out cannot often compete with the fun and laughter that accompanies family in a relaxed, casual setting.

The fact that a great attitude comes out of these meals as well as an inordinate amount of craziness just confirms my feeling it is not only wanted but needed. Recently, while researching for an article, I found out that studies have confirmed that laughter really is the best medicine. Since most of us have some illness, pain or other emotional problem it is just what the doctor ordered. We had to cut our experience a bit shorter than usual since my son is in so much pain right now. It is vital to a healthy existence to spend time together whenever possible. We must make up our mind to make this a reality no matter what is happening. Still it is a valuable experience every time we connect.

Life can be shortened so suddenly for anyone and we should remember to keep our family and all loved ones close.