Book Review of Angels of September by Andrew M. Greeley

angels of september

This book is an older one, written in 1986, that I recently read and thought a review was in order since many readers love to haunt old bookstores. Greeley is an author you should check out since he writes about the church authentically and honestly.

What started as a childhood rivalry, really a love-hate relationship, stopped when they shared a heart-felt moment back when they were just children. Anne Reilly and Michael Casey shared the moment. It was the first time they discovered they might like each other and maybe something more. They grew up in the same neighborhood and church. As adults, their paths cross again and awaken some old feelings. Those emotions might develop into full -bodied passion. The only problem is will they admit feelings exist and they will allow it.

Meanwhile, Anne is suffering a torturous inner-life. Her past has been full of failed relationships, a grief she cannot bear and a guilt she cannot assuage. Her religion is both her salvation and her punishment. Her present is riddled with what she believes is preparation and a preview of her punishment for what she has done. A crazy series of events make her doubt reality and think the supernatural has overcome her.

This is a love story and a mystery. It will keep you guessing as to what is going on. As you are unraveling the mystery, you will find yourself doubting the truth.

If you never read an Andrew M Greeley novel, you are in for a treat. As a priest, he writes about the Catholic Church with humor and a little irreverence. You get a peek at a priest who is a human being first and a Catholic second.

His characters are full – fleshed people you would love to have the honor of meeting. They are complex human beings with a special something that sets them apart. They are real with their foibles and extraordinary gifts, But they are people make no doubt about it. The characters who come with secrets and pasts but still are sinners reaching for heaven.

Book Review for My GRL by John Howell

Those of you that really enjoy spy, espionage, terrorist type mysteries should read My GRL by John Howell. The book starts with a murder and ends with a clever plan for the main character to escape. He is drawn into a scary situation, unknowingly and unwillingly. He eventually learns the bad guys expect him to participate in a terrorist mission.

The book has a creative plot with many twists and turns. There are a good many times when you say to yourself “what’s happening now, why and what does that really mean?” In short order, the author reveals those secrets, but the mystery elements are constant.

We loved the plot and felt it is very well thought out. The adventure constantly kept you on the edge of your seat. I found the instincts and cleverness of the characters were real life possibilities for their solutions to problems.

This was an earlier version of this book and I understand a relaunch of this title included many edits so I am sure though this version was great, the newer version may be even better. The version I read started slow, but worked up to a very fast paced, exciting novel toward the end.

My husband and I both read My GRL and would highly recommend this to those who crave adventure and nail biting reads.

John also writes poetry and short stories as well as suspense/thriller novels.



Book Review of With Angel’s Wings by Stephanie A. Collins

 with angel's wings


With Angel’s Wings is a book about having children that are not as healthy as we expect them to be when they are born. Though children come with no guarantee that they will be healthy, or geniuses, beautiful or outstanding in any way, they are our children. We trust that they will be perfect in our eyes. They are born of our bodies and are gifts from God. Most of us greet pregnancy with excitement and pleasure, as did this mom. Her dreams of a smooth pregnancy and labor followed by the birth of a happy, healthy baby are immediately crushed just a short time after delivery. This story is about that never-ending ordeal. She meticulously relays the medical problems and details. Even more important though is the fact it is a testament to courage and unconditional love. This mother displays both and eventually a future husband joins her and displays these same qualities.

Besides medical procedures and operations, everyday struggles to care for two children, she is trying to save a failed marriage and keep up enough strength to just survive.

This couple is both steadfast in their putting the children first and very creative in ways to keep up an impossible schedule. The logistics necessary for such a feat are overwhelming. The saintly patience felt throughout the book makes this couple, heroes in my eyes.

In an act of faith, she ordered the doctors to do go through with an operation to do some difficult heart surgery. Her entire family was against it. Those folks would have chosen another path, an easier path, which would certainly mean the ultimate death of a sweet, innocent baby

There comes a time when the story takes a darker turn and the unthinkable is discussed with such honesty that this author must again be commended for sharing her personal memoir.

This is a highly recommended book about amazing people who struggle against all odds. You will not be disappointed.