Review of Upstairs Downstairs by John Hawkesworth

Great book for its time, but now no competition for the world – famous Downton Abbey.

The story features a family in the Edwardian era. The head of the family is Richard Bellamy, a member of Parliament and a conservative. His wife is Lady Marjorie. They have two children Elizabeth and James. The children are trying to fight conservatism all the way. The children also defy traditions whenever possible. That makes up the upstairs, upper-class family group.

Downstairs there are the usual, for that time, number of servants. It includes a housekeeper, a cook, a footman, a small butler, maids and many more.

Of course, their major entertainment comes from scandal about the upper-class. They have put themselves in charge of seeing that everyone in the household sticks to the social rules.

Characters are well drawn. The plot consists mainly of how they run the house and how they keep the family members from being scandalized.

I recommend this book.

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