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Review of Rumpole by John Mortimer




This is a collection of seven new stories for those who have been reading RUMPOLE for years. This volume was published in 2001. John Mortimer authored at least 10 other Rumpole books. As a former barrister at the Old Bailey, London’s Most Important Court, Mortimer writes about Rumpole with authority and credibility.

Rumpole’ s character is one that amuses us with his less than lordly appearance and his humor, wit and irreverence for all things that touch humanity. He fights for what is right beyond the impossible odds of winning and he is a solicitor you would want on your side because of his values and regardless of his appearance.

He respects the law in that he reveres justice. He disdains rules, however, and only seems to buckle under them when they are made by his wife, whom he refers to as She Who Must be Obeyed.

For a fun read, I recommend Rumpole books, but this collection contains some new cases which give another view to the mechanics of his investigating and some of them show another side to his character.

If you are a fan, this may be the last time heard from Rumpole. Please check it out now.