Book Review-The Other Tudors by Philippa Jones

The Other Tudors



Even if even if you’re not a student of royalty and courts from the past, most know of Henry VIII and his six wives. The usual fate for these wives was either to be divorced or beheaded. In some case they died.

It seemed simple for King Henry to floater from flower to flower like to bee. When the flower began to fade in his opinion, there were lots of options to make way for a new bloom.

Most of us do not realize is that six wives were not enough for him. In between, he had numerous mistresses and even though they were not legitimate children, he had many bastards. In his search for the perfect woman and a legitimate heir, Henry produced a few children and spread his love to include many low born women, but almost always beautiful.

This author, Philippa Jones, gives us the facts and figures that truly shine the light on Henry’s amorous goings on in a court that looked at flirting as a way of life. The social norms for the time and the sexually explosive atmosphere made it easy for romantic liaisons to be formed at every turn.

This is a factual, nonfiction book, but still reads like a fairytale since the love life of this king it’s hard to believe. Of course, she gives a good count of the extravagance and power of the court and its results.

I love anything to do with courts and royalty, so I found this particularly interesting. Though not a novel, you may still enjoy the stories it is required to relay just to report the facts. It is totally amazing that royalty lived this way. I am always surprised that people enjoyed such excesses and and thought it was their due. I am astounded at what they would do to gain favor of the King.

I recommend this book to those who wish to know more about the history of the Tudors.



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