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Review of The Third George by Jean Plaidy

The Third George



This novel covers a turbulent time in England’s history. George III was a well-meaning king but he was overcome by scandal and eventually madness. He was once noted to have liaisons with some beautiful women, but all that changed when he married the German princess Charlotte. She was she was not beautiful, in fact very plain. However, when George married her he determined to be a very faithful husband and stopped his former lifestyle. His goal was to be the best king possible. He was determined his life would be an example to others instead of the usual immorality exhibited in Royal courts.

His plain wife was a model wife and would have been an excellent help for him in relieving stress by speaking with her. George, however pronounced he would never have a woman interfere in his life, so he did not use her as a confidant, nor ever discuss politics or policy with her.

Besides being an alliance with Charlotte’s small country he was as all royalty must looking for heirs. In this respect, Charlotte almost became a broodmare as she produced child after child with almost no break. Most of them were very healthy and beautiful. George looked at that as her main function. And so, he had no partner so to speak because he wouldn’t confide in her and because she spent most of her time pregnant and in confinement.

George had a family that constantly caused him scandal and a group of ministers who were ineffectual or tried to undermine him. All of this added to the illness and resulted in madness.

I recommend this book especially if you are interested in royalty and of course anyone who loves history would enjoy it. Jean Plaidy has also written many more books of an historical nature. I will be sure to check them out.