Book Review for My GRL by John Howell

Those of you that really enjoy spy, espionage, terrorist type mysteries should read My GRL by John Howell. The book starts with a murder and ends with a clever plan for the main character to escape. He is drawn into a scary situation, unknowingly and unwillingly. He eventually learns the bad guys expect him to participate in a terrorist mission.

The book has a creative plot with many twists and turns. There are a good many times when you say to yourself “what’s happening now, why and what does that really mean?” In short order, the author reveals those secrets, but the mystery elements are constant.

We loved the plot and felt it is very well thought out. The adventure constantly kept you on the edge of your seat. I found the instincts and cleverness of the characters were real life possibilities for their solutions to problems.

This was an earlier version of this book and I understand a relaunch of this title included many edits so I am sure though this version was great, the newer version may be even better. The version I read started slow, but worked up to a very fast paced, exciting novel toward the end.

My husband and I both read My GRL and would highly recommend this to those who crave adventure and nail biting reads.

John also writes poetry and short stories as well as suspense/thriller novels.




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