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Book Review of Acts Beyond Redemption by Suzanne Burke


Acts  Beyond  Redemption by Suzanne Burke is a must- read book. You will not want to miss this psychological thriller, clever mystery, exciting adventure novel and page-turner. The complicated plot with many turns and twists, keeps you on the edge of your assumptions throughout the whole story.

You will enjoy the covert operation scenes written with such credible believability in this thriller. The expertise adds to your feeling that you are inside the story and truly part of it. Perhaps S. Burke has a secret life other than just being an author!

She handles the characters in such an authentic way that you really want to know some of them better in real life. You find yourself identifying with them. Her character Sheila is quite memorable, but this woman is one you probably will not want to get to know better.She is a seriously scary person. Be warned-keep your distance from that woman. There are moments when you can almost admire this character’s cunning and ability to fool so many experts and prominent men of the world, but then her cruelty and inhumanity make you cringe. For a book however,  she is an exciting character. Be prepared, as she will evoke a variety of emotions from you as you read.

Burke weaves a web of facts and lies to tease and seduce you until you are obsessed with rushing forward to discover the answers. Reading while offering you more insight into the amazing mind of Burke makes you even less sure of your deductions as to the conclusion of this mystery. She leaves you guessing right up until the end. Good thing there is a sequel. In several days look for the release of Acts of Betrayal at Amazon. Getting anxious to grab a copy of my own and continue this frightening but addictive journey.