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Book Review for Pearseus/Schism by Nicholas C. Rossis



This is a Prequel to the Pearseus Series. If you heard of the Perseaus Series by Nicholas C. Rossis you know how popular it is and for a good reason this work blends so many things together flawlessly. It is a combination of fantasy and Sci-Fi. It includes Greek mythology and history. Rossis has also created a most perfect study of human nature.

The plot starts with the crash of a spacecraft of humans from earth. One minute the Earthlings were celebrating New Years and the next they were counting survivors and grieving over their dead. The planet they now live on is amenable to their human physiology and they sincerely believe the original inhabitants are also not a threat.

Instead of concentrating on their great luck at surviving the crash and still being alive their human nature took over and they began to put into practice all the things that have killed off civilizations since time began. They began to quarrel and set up separate factions politically motivated but, not without the thirst for revenge. Of course, greed and power were the driving force in the struggle to come out on top and have their will imposed on others. Does any of this sound familiar to you?

The prequel is an introduction to the new world, its creators as well as those who wish to replicate Earth along with all its mistakes. The power struggle is evident as in any kingdom where all want to be in charge and reign.

A very good novel. I highly recommend it and the series that follows sounds very compelling to follow.