Book Review of The Elixir by Lori Soard


This book by Lori Soard called the Elixir is a mystery romance novel. It brings up such questions such as “What if a fountain of youth formula were found, would there be ethical considerations? Could this advancement be a good thing? Why would anyone be against a formula aimed at giving folks the opportunity to live longer?”

Who would be the one group possibly against its reaching the market? The thought only comes to light after several unexplained murders including the formula’s inventor. The Elixir has enough twists and turns to please the mystery reader. Every time you believe you know the killer, you find out your guess is wrong. But, isn’t that how every good mystery behaves?

If you throw in some spy stuff and a possible friendship turned romance, you have a lot of possibilities and that is just what Soard has done. You will enjoy the baby steps toward and the backward undoing of those steps in the search for the answer to do they want friendship or a lover’s relationship.

The plot is enticing enough to keep you reading and the hints are clear enough to keep you guessing.

I highly recommend this book to the romance readers and mystery addicts out there.

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