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Book Review-Jazz Baby by Beem Weeks


I cannot give this book enough praise. I believe Mr. Weeks hit the mark perfectly when he described the era and the culture in the poor, dilapidated sections of the southern cities. He lets you into the grungier part of town where vice is expected and the cost of getting what you want or need can be very high. This is not society of The Great Gatsby though the motives and desires may have been the same. Gatsby gave you the cleaned up version.

He introduces us to Baby Teegarten, a -would -be -jazz singer just trying to break into the places where that type of music is allowed. The girl is very young and very small but, with a big voice, enough to make those church women cry. All she wants is to sing jazz and eventually get to New York to perform where she expects to find fame and fortune. But, she must start somewhere so here in rural Mississippi and New Orleans she tries to get her break. The problem isn’t talent but she is too white for those speakeasies.

Emily Ann, in many ways more child than woman, is experiencing her coming of age and the realistic emotions and desires many of us experience go much further when her curiosity leads her into many dangerous and unsavory situations. However, this girl never gives up.

This is a must read book but, be warned of the realistic portrayal of sex and violence if such things would offend you. The book is worth the read in spite of these things. I highly recommend it.

Book Review of The Elixir by Lori Soard


This book by Lori Soard called the Elixir is a mystery romance novel. It brings up such questions such as “What if a fountain of youth formula were found, would there be ethical considerations? Could this advancement be a good thing? Why would anyone be against a formula aimed at giving folks the opportunity to live longer?”

Who would be the one group possibly against its reaching the market? The thought only comes to light after several unexplained murders including the formula’s inventor. The Elixir has enough twists and turns to please the mystery reader. Every time you believe you know the killer, you find out your guess is wrong. But, isn’t that how every good mystery behaves?

If you throw in some spy stuff and a possible friendship turned romance, you have a lot of possibilities and that is just what Soard has done. You will enjoy the baby steps toward and the backward undoing of those steps in the search for the answer to do they want friendship or a lover’s relationship.

The plot is enticing enough to keep you reading and the hints are clear enough to keep you guessing.

I highly recommend this book to the romance readers and mystery addicts out there.