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Authors-Finding the Right Book Club is Important! Try RRBC




I am very new to this author thing and the ways to promote your book and get it noticed. I have tried several different methods and found a few hard working people that were good at promoting and had wonderful ideas but, still the results were not impressive.

Finally, a few months ago, I signed up for Rave Reviews Book Club. It was a low cost solution that fit into my meager promotion budget. I thought it an encouraging sign when I introduced myself in a post that many immediately welcomed me and seemed interested in knowing me and my work.

Next, as part of my membership, I needed to obtain, read and review other’s work. I have only done a few reviews but, know how important this part of the agreement is and have several more books lined up to meet the membership qualifications and beyond. Any time I post something on Twitter about my books or others, I see an immediate response of lots of retweets from this club’s members. I try to spend a little time reading others posts and responding as often as possible. The whole club is involved in doing the same things so you get lots of help and support. It is truly the most active bunch of authors and readers I have come across so far.

Recently when they held their month long book and blog tour, I signed up two of my different blogs. The amounts of visits and comments received was phenomenal. In fact, when I turned on my computer at 6 am, I already had 20 comments. This is a very loyal group. The tour was lots of fun and we even won prizes.

After the blog tour, I was invited to be a guest on the club’s radio station. That program will air on September 24th and I will be one of four guest who will get their five minutes of fame. I am looking forward to that program and hope it furthers my quest for more notice of my books and ultimate sales.

The response from this club makes me feel that I have found a true group of friends who actually care about my struggles and challenges as an author.  They are more like family in that they are encouraging and helpful without reason to act in that way. The group exemplifies the concept that everyone needs to help everyone else become the best they can be. The fact follows that being supportive of others returns the same back to yourself. The simple concept isn’t hard if your goal is to be the best you can be while pulling others along with you. There is no need to discredit others to make yourself feel better since we are all in the same situations. There is no need to really compete except to help others excel while you do. We all need help and are made better by lifting others up. A truly Christian concept.

I highly recommend this group. The Rave Reviews Book Club led by Nonnie Jules is a wonderful place to propel your writing career. The notable names that make up the roster are not just great authors but, caring people who you feel proud to know even a little. For more information about this great club every author needs to join check out this link.


Check it out- I feel like I finally came home.