Book review for Haunting Megan by Rebecca Reilly

haunting megan

Haunting Megan is a great book with enough twists and turns, surprises and reveals to satisfy any mystery buff. The clues are well placed and usually a startling discovered fact to what you thought you knew. The story flows well and the characters are so well drawn you just read dialogue and know who spoke it right away.

I liked the realistic treatment of how likely such early tragic events in life can cause so many problems later. People can only handle so much without showing the scars. The paranormal element belongs and does not seem out of place. You easily suspend disbelief knowing these forces are really out there and it could have happened just this way.

The glimpse into emotions that cause people to hold onto grudges, jealousy and ill feelings about others for many years shows some people have not reached a high level of maturity along with age.

I highly recommend this book and think it deserves the highest rating. You won’t be sorry you grabbed a copy to read.

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