Book Review of Over my Dead Body by Bruce A. Borders

0ver my dead body



I just loved the premise of this book. I thought it was genius. At first I thought it might be too unlikely a scenario but, those really are my favorite kinds. It certainly proved to be a plot for which I could dispel any disbelief with which I started.

The idea that things could get so out of control was easy to believe since my background includes working within the system he explores. He is right on. It is all possible and more. We saw it first -hand. Often those who claim to protect the family do just the opposite. The system is greatly flawed but, there are still lots of people who have families’ best interests at heart.

What would you do if you were faced with losing your child to a bad system because of a director with an ulterior motive? Jeff did what he needed to do to protect his family against the danger that threatened their normal life. Of course, when people with influence and friends, back the bad guys, everyone loses. Those who do not care about ethics are sold on trumped up lies as to what the truth is and join those perpetuating the lies. Jeff and his family paid the price.

It is pathetic that the systems put in place to protect us can be the very instrument in destroying our lives. Fortunately, the author brought this to a satisfying conclusion. I would highly recommend this book. I read this one to my husband and we are both looking forward to reading another by Bruce A. Borders.

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