Sugarcoatin’ Is for Candy & Pacifying Is for Kids: “Yes, I Said It!” by Nonnie Jules



This is a short easily read book with a wealth of thoughts by this pithy author. Jules is a combination of cheerleader, sage and advocate of sharing truth and honesty. She simplifies and makes quite understandable what matters to her and should matter to all of us.

Being a child advocate for decades, I recognize a kindred spirit when I see her stance on parenting. A tenet that almost all our hopes and futures start with our perfecting, as far as is humanly possible, parenting and instilling a base of values that children need to be taught.

She admits, we all should be interested in raising everyone’s children with a respect for life, a mission to share love and growing in being caring humans no matter what age.

Nonnie Jules talks about how important it is to be heard and to feel unafraid in expressing our values in a positive way.

I recommend this book as a reminder that yes all of us should care about the children we raise and everyone has a responsibility to fearlessly stand up for those values that make a nation great and their people an example to others.

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