Book review of The Lost Heir( Book 1 of the Dragonath Chonicles) by Andi O’Connor

the lost heir


If you haven’t yet read this book, The Lost Heir, by Andi O’Connor, add it to your To Be Read List. This is book number one of The Dragonath Chronicles and has set the stage for more entertainment coming our way as there is at least a second book to look forward to in the series.

The worlds of Mystandia and Dragonath are places filled with beauty and wonder but, as often is the case with anything special, the challenges and problems are numerous especially when the royal head of this land is at stake. The battles for the crown and the power that it holds is raging and the subtlety of palace intrigue is not in short supply.

O’ Connor created a world where magic plays an enormous role in everyday life. There are the masters of the art with their enormous resources of power and bag full of tricks. There are also the newbies just discovering their gifts though they still do not know how to use them. Magic is used to save worlds, lives and a way of life that in some cases is dying.

As with any skill, the choice as to how to wield all that power is very personal and can be difficult and the final decisions world altering. This book explores the always intriguing good versus evil theme but, in such an original way that you will be caught up in the story.  The reader will suspend disbelief and accept the characters, their gifts, their actions and motives as a certainty.

The author has provided a story, really a maze, with so many turns and twists that keeps you guessing where it will end and makes you cry out for more.

A very enjoyable read, good plot and I am anxious to read the next one in this series very soon.

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