Mini Review-Mystic Valley-P.S.Winn

This author has done it again. Pamela Winn is such a great story teller and has such a fertile mind. The ideas, as her books, just keep on coming. It looks like her goal of 40 books in four years is just about completed. Every age group and many genres are in her collection of great reads. There really is something for everyone. Her specialty, however, is paranormal novels and her easy reading style makes these stories come alive.

Mystic Valley is another great story whose starting point is based on the alien landing at Roswell. Whether or not you believe in Roswell, and its significance, you will suspend disbelief as she pulls you into a story that focuses on three adult friends who have some pretty incredible experiences while camping near an army base in that noteworthy vicinity.

Most of her books are of a shorter length and you will find it easy to read many of them in one sitting. You will feel compelled to read to the end. Good stories from this great writer- you really must give her a try.

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