Imaginative story and a very good read

Just a short book review:



Jeebies and Journeys by Pamela S. Winn is a terrific book about the significance of losing your memories and what that means to not only you but, to your entire family. Surely, an Alzheimer disease inspired story about a man who crosses to the other side to try and restore the memories his wife has lost.

Winn not only gives us an interesting tale with creative turns and twists and solutions but, presents a very lovely view of a heaven all of us can be eager to visit.

I highly recommend this book and think you will find it a sweet, refreshing story from a very fertile mind.

P.S. Winn has 36 books to her credit and will write a few more to reach her 40 book goal in 4 years.I’m sure there will be no stopping her even after the goal is met.


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