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Finding the right people for book promotion



New independent authors soon discover that writing the book is the easiest part of the whole process, especially when comparing that to the promoting of the book. Whether it is because we are too close to the object we are touting or too attached to actually sell the product produced by our minds, heart and soul, I really do not know. What I do know is we need fresh eyes to examine the whole project. We need strangers who can see what is wrong and what is in need of changing or fixing or rethinking.

If we discover this fact soon enough, maybe we will eliminate countless sleepless nights or the constant doubt we get plagued with when nothing is happening. I have been suffering with both those problems. I don’t know about you but, I feel it is vital that we step back so someone else can really see the problems.

Reviews are still a key to letting people know your book exists and also is worth buying. A review tells potential customers I took the chance on this book and it was well worth my time. Honest reviews are necessary so pretend ones will not cut it.

It is obvious that reviews can fill an important role in the success of your new book. However, even with all their importance, having someone that knows the ropes and has experience in this area can be a game changer. I have already tried many free promotion services and a few very inexpensive ones and they have all helped at least a little. It still comes down to the motivation of those running those sites for book promotion. It is obvious who is about the money and who is dedicated to helping you succeed.

Usually those that want to help new authors get known and new releases get sold are authors themselves and are super inclined to do all they can to make your time with them worthwhile. The people who think most about helping others are usually the best in the business and their caring is transferred into positive results.

So far, one place stands out when it comes to promoting among the few I have tried and that is The Owl Branch. Working with Crystal has been very rewarding in that she appears to have tons of ideas and willing to go the extra mile for new, beginning, inexperienced authors. Thrilled to have her be on my team. Looking forward to a long professional relationship. I highly recommend using any of their services and buying one of their memberships.


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Imaginative story and a very good read

Just a short book review:



Jeebies and Journeys by Pamela S. Winn is a terrific book about the significance of losing your memories and what that means to not only you but, to your entire family. Surely, an Alzheimer disease inspired story about a man who crosses to the other side to try and restore the memories his wife has lost.

Winn not only gives us an interesting tale with creative turns and twists and solutions but, presents a very lovely view of a heaven all of us can be eager to visit.

I highly recommend this book and think you will find it a sweet, refreshing story from a very fertile mind.

P.S. Winn has 36 books to her credit and will write a few more to reach her 40 book goal in 4 years.I’m sure there will be no stopping her even after the goal is met.