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So you wrote a book- now we sit back and collect money!


One of those great books  we are sitting on waiting to be read.

So you spent months or maybe years writing your last book. Whew- you are finally finished.

Enter stage right-starry eyed writer!

“Now all we do is list it and wait for the money to come flying in.”


Once your book is finished, there is still tons more work to do. First you must edit it and rewrite parts and do it all again. Sometimes it will take many more times.Surely the work is done now but, no you must make choices. Where will you list it for sale? Should it be an e-book, a paperback or a hardback version? Decisions!

Will you publish the book yourself? Format the book yourself? Having a whole team of formatters, illustrators, cover designers, editors and promoters sounds like a dream until you check prices of what the dream team will cost. So how hard is it to self-publish? It depends. Your level of technology smarts and patience are key factors. The computer whiz will find it quite a bit easier than the grand mom with minimal skills and even less patience.

There are guidelines and tutorials for almost anything but still your understanding of all this information will play a large part in formatting. Many will find it easy if they have used all these tools in the past, I still find it a challenge.

Once you decide what it is you wish to produce and where you want to sell it, you will be given guidelines as to the expectations you must meet. Even if you are computer savvy and understand all the information fed you by these websites; you will need to expect the process to be very time consuming.

When you run into issues, and you are very likely to do so, you will start to once again have visions of the dream team. Many of us must choose the almost impossible project of getting published traditionally or hiring an army of experts to do it all for you. If money is an object, you will become one of the large force of Indie authors. You will do it all yourself. Maybe not perfectly, but passably. You will learn as you go. It will get in print and then the next step is to promote.

“Promote, what do you mean? You mean it doesn’t just sell itself? I need to do even more work?”

“Why yes, that is exactly what I mean.”

“Don’t it just wait for the barrage of customers to come to the advertised page and sell tons of copies so money rolls into my bank account?”

“No, not exactly.”

“Geez! What is next?”

“Well, you post it everywhere they will let you. Your friends are starting to be quite sick of hearing about your new novel. They really could care less about your achievement, well for the most part. You soon find they are not nearly as excited about it as you are and wish your fingers would cramp up before you ever post about it again.”

“Reviews are vital! To promote the book you need lots of sales because you need lots of reviews. Customers do not always buy books with few reviews. It is the author’s job to find these and it takes a long time.”

“But my book is wonderful. It’s exceptional. Everyone just must read it!”

“Yeah, good luck with that!”

“You sure are negative. You don’t have any faith in me or yourself. It will sell. It will be a best seller. People will love it”

“Yes, they may and you are right it could be a best seller but, you have lots of competition.  To be exact according to figures published you should know every year in the US there are between 600,000 and 1,000,000 books published. As many as half, possibly more are self-published. They sell less than 250 copies each on an average.”

“That can’t be true!”

“But, it is.”

“Still we Indie authors believe in magic. We are positive that we can break the mold. Win against all odds. We are dreamers and dreamers persist in dreaming. I wish all you authors luck especially all who go this Indie route. We are sitting on tons of good books that few may see, but we must be optimistic and never give up!”