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Ultimate Betrayal Just Released

Folks, I just released my new novel called Ultimate Betrayal. It is an e-book at present and on Amazon. It sells for $3.99. This is my very first novel and I felt compelled to write it after being overwhelmed, upset and frustrated as to the way our world is changing, especially relationships, and how cruel people can be to one another.

I have described this as a ‘what if ’book. It is like a perfect storm where several factors come together. Each one affects the other factor until an impossible situation develops that has no clear solution due to lack of money anywhere and wrong philosophies.


A brief teaser about what this story is about:

Amazing news is revealed that captivates the public. News so unbelievable that it excites most people because of its touted potential. An advancement that could change lives forever. But will it?

The story reveals many people that hope the latest technological advancement can make their lives better. They believe this is the answer long awaited. The answer to their very prayer. The solution is now a possibility for many problems and these people hold on to the promise of everything in their lives being good again.

It is a time when the fight is to the death in the battle of good and evil. The war now can go either way since hearts have grown so cold. Only those who truly care for their fellow man can offer solace to innocent victims. Those on the side of good are the solution for the evil that is spreading.

Yes, it is considered ‘end times’ since so many signs have already taken place but, the more recent total lack of love along with no conscience is still hard to believe. The world is truly a scary place now. Even harder to grasp is the fact that evil is being accepted as okay by those in charge.

But, it is human nature to want what we want. That is the problem. The solution to a crime explosion is more heartbreaking than the original issue.



I hope you will check this out. You all know that even without an e-reader, you can read an e-book. Amazon offers a free app so you can read it on most any device such as computers, tablets and phones.

If you love reading, you should take advantage of the Kindle Unlimited program since you may read many titles for just a fee of $9.99 a month.

Also, you should know readers that any author needs your reviews. They can be short –just a couple paragraphs, they still help. Most of us are indie writers which means we do everything ourselves often due to cost. We write, publish, format, and promote our own books. Reviews are one of the tools we need to make our books successful.


Here is the book link:





Review-The Midwife’s Revolt by Jodi Daynard



This was one of the best books my husband and I read in a long while. The novel takes place during the time of the American Revolution and seems very believable with many supporting facts.

The main character is a midwife who when first coming to this small town was not readily welcomed but, gains much acceptance after helping so many women bring their babes into the world.

The time this novel is set in is filled with much sacrifice. Lowering their standard for needs and wants is something all must do in this small town. How the midwife coped and managed to survive her difficult circumstances is a great story in its own right but, the book is so much more. When and how she became involved in the cause of her day is a delightful tale. This really is a powerful story.

The Midwife’s Revolt involved a few more famous characters such as John and Abigail Adams as her neighbors and special friends. The time period is full of spies and espionage and the twists and turns keep you guessing.

We felt this historical novel was very well researched as it seemed so credible in all its parts.

I highly recommend this book.