Review of Travellers and Tramps by Cairn Rodrigues

Recently, I read the second book of The Song of Solstice series called Travelers and Tramps. The first book of the series is called the Last Prospector and can really hook you immediately. In Travellers and Tramps author Cairn Rodriguez once again brings her realm alive with her robust imagination. The world she has created is like nothing you ever dreamed of and yet is easily accepted as the true world while reading these.

The main character in this installation of an ongoing series is a child. Her significance to the world of Solstice is immediately apparent but what exactly her role is to become is still a guarded secret. She is highly regarded and protected from all evil. As she grows up and wants to explore the world and the kind of life any young woman wishes to discover and claim for her own, it is much harder for her ‘keepers’ to ensure  her safety.

This book places this child in a caravan complete with a selection of characters that only Rodriguez could bring to life. Though the child takes center stage, the Prospector and his quest are still very much alive. His mission is relentless and unknown even to himself as he pursues many mysteries to find the answers that the world of Solstice needs.

Rodriguez amazes me with her well thought out plot, characters and just the sheer number of creative names she has given to items, places and people is unbelievable. You must read this series and visit the world of Solstice for a vacation of the mind.

She really outdid herself with the ending and has all readers waiting in pins and needles for the next book. Be prepared for anything and don’t get too attached to  Zilubra.

Expect the third and fourth in the series soon since they are already written and many more in the works.


Check her e-book at


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