Healings by P.S.Winn- a short book review

This book has a fresh, new and unique plot combined with a most unlikely love story. It celebrates a love so great that a man is willing to give up all he presently possesses none of which are physical possessions. The exchange he seeks to make this love a reality is the basis for a beautiful story where the depths of love are examined.

Healings is a book that explores the ability to be a healer, a gift that the Bible assures us we are all capable of if we just believe. The healing skill is more about our faith, according to this writer who writes from a biblical teaching, than any special talent individually given.

The clever story is told in a creative way and each and every page shows the warmth and love of this caring author.

P.S.Winn has 30 published books in a variety of genres to her credit and we anticipate many more offerings to surprise and delight any reader.



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