Short Book Review-Dark Rivers of the Heart by Dean Koontz


Recently I read Dark Rivers of the Heart by Dean Koontz. It’s an older book from 1994 but since my reading plan has no formula I read old and new and everything I can fit in. This book is a page turner, nail biting star.

Both my husband and I love Dean Koontz and read many of his novels. We read many of the same books one after the other person has finished and also sometimes I read out loud to him. However you read this, you will enjoy it if you like Koontz and mysteries and adventure and conspiracies.

This book gives you a look at how a childhood tragedy can affect your whole life and what changes when you can finally remember all the horrid details of an event. I also like the way it portrays the world of agents and unapproved agencies which the government funds unknowingly. Yes, we all know that is possible and happening. The technology described in this book, if really available, should make us all frightened.

Dean Koontz is one of those natural storytellers and his novel winds and turns in a most masterful way. There is quite a bit of violence and sex which some may find disturbing but, the excellent story makes it all worthwhile.

Not only is the plot imaginative and executed beautifully but, the characterization is perfect.

I highly recommend this book as you will not be able to put it down. I see lots of burned dinners in your future while reading this one.


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