Book Review-The Cult by Max Ehrlich


This is an older book but, sometimes these books seem important enough to spend time reading them even though the information may be outdated to a degree. In order not to repeat mistakes as a country or as individuals we need to know where we have been. We need to study the past. Our past is vital to making better choices and being more ‘on guard’ and alert to trouble in the present. This problem has not been eradicated so we still need to safeguard our children from the terrible events that are a result of cult seduction.

Max Ehrlich wrote this book in 1978 when cult activity was at one of its highest points. The reason cults were thriving then is probably the same reason they thrive always; the world was a scary place and people felt afraid. We also know of course that those who are weak, unhappy, unpopular and don’t fit in search till they find a place they could belong. Cults, just like gangs, answered that need.

This book defines the ways the cult manipulate facts and feelings to draw kids in. They use a lot of methods to seduce kids, the main one is to ‘help’ kids find the real meaning of life as they believe it to be. They also use faith most often to give kids a cause that they can abuse.

At the bottom of their reason for their existence and being is simply to talk people out of their money all in the name of religion or spirituality. In order to do this they use the kids as their pawns to sell their propaganda and talk people into donating everything they own.

The biggest problem is how they treat these converts and how they brainwash them. The result is the kids give up all they own for the leader of these cults including their money and their chance for anything resembling a teen aged life. When the cult has taken everything else from these young people, the kids also give them their minds.

If they ever can lead a normal life again they eventually need a special kind of expert-the deprogrammer. That is what this book explores.

I found The Cult to be a great fiction read based on a lot of factual research. Max Erhlich also wrote The Reincarnation of Peter Proud.

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