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Just published my older book as an e-book

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For many years I have been sitting on a book I wrote years ago about our experiences as full time foster parents. It is titled It Begins and Ends with Family. We ran a group home for up to 8 teens as a time. We got the ones who were the toughest most challenging discipline problems. We were their other choice before it was totally hopeless and they needed to go to a detention facility.

Most of our kids were boys, though we did have a couple of very young siblings who had been abused. And worked with girls in other capacities as well as fostering a couple. We also fostered in our own home and in the agency homes we worked through. We had received kids from many Midwest states and several different counties.

The book contains many anecdotes and descriptions of a few of the real life kids we worked with in a group home setting. Our parenting methods worked and so probation officers often handed us kids and said, “Just do your magic.”

I admit there was nothing magical about our methods but by today’s standards they would be controversial. They certainly were more unique and imaginative than many experts advised. We never were politically correct and methods that worked were more important to us than having others think we followed some approved ideas.

The kids were varied in ethnic groups as well as coming from a variety of homes. They all had one thing in common they needed more discipline and more love. They needed to be treated like human beings with consideration for their feelings and respect. They all had skewed ideas about relationships. In most cases their values and perceptions were not normal and their parents had never been parented correctly themselves.

My book recounts many incidents of violence, drug use, sexual perpetrations and theft. We relive the rules we ran our house by and the schedules we had to devise to keep our sanity with eight of these young men at a time in our home.

This book is only at Amazon in e-book form right now. If it evokes some real interest, I may consider putting into print format.

At this point you can purchase it or read it for free. Please spread the word for me if possible. Share on your social media outlets and if you read it, please review it. Thank you.

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