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Rosehead Book Review

Rosehead cover 1Rosehead combines fantasy with scads of elements of a good mystery. The imaginative and clever mind of Ksenia Anske means everything she does in her books as well as in the real world is full of humor and exhibits a love of life. This book is an excellent example of that mind set.

The story is so ingenious and though ‘pretty far out there’ as fantasy tends to be, becomes so credible that you suspend disbelief. In no time at all, you get caught up in this wonderful world she created.

Anske gets inside the mind of a 12 year old girl named Lilith and portrays her to perfection. She is a vital and main character but, later in the book shares this role with an inanimate object. Lilith’s only friend is a pet named Panther. She is involved in an incredible adventure that takes place at her grandfather’s house in Germany. The whole family is there for a reunion.

Lilith’s family has so much variety that we can each envision at least one character that exactly mimics one of your distant relatives visiting for Thanksgiving. Lilith’s parents are such a joy to read about. Their individual different styles of parenting add a key factor that enriches the story and adds so much humor.

In fact, all the characters are well drawn and though not exactly ‘the typical family, if there is such a thing, they are interesting enough to inspire their own stories and to star in their own books.

The author, Ksenia Anske was Russian born, grew up in Moscow and came to the US in 1998 not even knowing English. She began writing full time in 2012 and has brought us so much reading pleasure already with much more to come. Her hard working ethic means she has skyrocketed to success and we can hardly wait to read more.

As we traveled in our motor home, we enjoyed the book as I read it to my husband out loud. We both found this concept intriguing and so much fun to read. We felt the characters came to life, whether they were living or not. It is a delightful read and could be enjoyed by all ages.