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Personal Reflections: Our Athletic Grandson

From the time our grandson, Anthony, was tiny, he was athletic. Much like his dad, he performed well at any sport he tried. He excelled in most of them, in fact.

Anthony has done well at baseball, basketball, wrestling, track, but he really shines when he plays football. He is so versatile and flexible that he can play any position and the latest headline says, “he does it all.”

As much as this is a grandparent’s right to brag in light of his performance yesterday, stepping back and trying hard to look at this kid without prejudice, he is amazing.
Of course, I’m not impartial, he is family, blood of my blood and I love him like all the grandsons, fiercely, but the pride I feel for him is unbelievable because he succeeds at everything he does. His parents have been more than supportive and have always gone the extra mile to encourage and lift him up building his self-esteem so he has no problem with ever being afraid of trying new things or really putting himself out there.

In addition to being a fabulous athlete, he is a great student getting good grades. He is popular and has many friends. He is also just a nice kid in how he cares about other people. If you know him, you’re impressed and should be.

Yesterday, as our varsity football team played their arch rival and ended up winning back the coveted trophy and winning 27-13, he showed his versatility. I must admit the entire team has made a great turn around since last year and we have many great players, but unfortunately I’m only grand mom to this one, though I love them all.

I just thought it was time for a little praise so he never forgets how much he is loved.Anthony during game