First scary steps in beginning to write fiction

Not long ago, I made the decision to start to write fiction or maybe I should say learn to write fiction. Since my first unique idea is too complicated and too detailed to turn into a short story, I am contemplating a book. The idea also involves a long passage of time so seems kit would not work in a short story.

The subject matter is very dark and so in order to understand the underlying causes of such events, I must do lots of research. So at this stage, it will be mainly trying to nail down the whole concept of the book and taking voluminous notes. My job will be to show that even something so outrageous can happen if people don’t care enough and the world continues in the direction it is going in.

Since this will be a very long project and most likely a couple more months till I am even ready to start the first draft, I am hoping to try my hand at other types of fiction. Just waiting for some more worthy ideas to appear to me. Meanwhile, I will work with writing prompts and learn this type of writing with any exercises or projects that will enlighten me.

Like any explorer, I feel excitement, but also some trepidation since you are competing with so many great writers. The scary part is that you are going to devote at the minimum months and more likely a year to this project. It may be crap when it is done and not even be worthy of reading. The odds are very much a long shot of it becoming a great book or a best seller. First books rarely amount to anything. I did endure writing a non-fiction for a year, but never really pursued publishing it. Think I may try online and independently to get that one out there and see if it will do anything that way.

Since I know there are so many writers who have made the grade or accomplished so much and really know their craft, I would appreciate any advice you could give me. Need encouragement to keep motivated.


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