Decision To Finally Pursue Writing Fiction

Well, I have finally made a decision. With the exception of this blog and one coming up in a few months on a totally different topic, I am going to stop writing any non-fiction in order to take the time to learn how to write fiction. I have been very lax about keeping up with anything and feel pressured to do those things of less interest in the hope of making money, which is scarcely rewarded.

Knowing full well, that while learning the craft of writing fiction, I will also earn nothing, I feel obsessed about doing it anyway. One of the things I have in mind is a novel on a very dark topic. To me it seems almost a logical progression if we as a nation keep going in the direction we are going in. It is a far fetched idea but as a Christian I can see it eventually happening. I need to learn much more about writing fiction before I tackle this book.

I thought about trying to do it as a short story, but it is too long in duration as far as including all the factors leading up to this unreal result and needs to be so well detailed, it probably will not be a short novel either. Since I need to walk before I run and crawl before that, I must learn the craft while trying to produce something of interest to readers. I intend to devote almost all my time to this now so other projects and short term plans, must be put on hold.

Hubby and I have some exciting long term plans which may effect how much time I will keep for writing in the future.

Because I know this will be a very slow process, I hope to find writers with useful advice and anyone who wishes to offer encouragement will be instantly befriended. I know writing can be a very lonely pursuit and so will be looking for anyone who can help me feel connected to the world.

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