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First scary steps in beginning to write fiction

Not long ago, I made the decision to start to write fiction or maybe I should say learn to write fiction. Since my first unique idea is too complicated and too detailed to turn into a short story, I am contemplating a book. The idea also involves a long passage of time so seems kit would not work in a short story.

The subject matter is very dark and so in order to understand the underlying causes of such events, I must do lots of research. So at this stage, it will be mainly trying to nail down the whole concept of the book and taking voluminous notes. My job will be to show that even something so outrageous can happen if people don’t care enough and the world continues in the direction it is going in.

Since this will be a very long project and most likely a couple more months till I am even ready to start the first draft, I am hoping to try my hand at other types of fiction. Just waiting for some more worthy ideas to appear to me. Meanwhile, I will work with writing prompts and learn this type of writing with any exercises or projects that will enlighten me.

Like any explorer, I feel excitement, but also some trepidation since you are competing with so many great writers. The scary part is that you are going to devote at the minimum months and more likely a year to this project. It may be crap when it is done and not even be worthy of reading. The odds are very much a long shot of it becoming a great book or a best seller. First books rarely amount to anything. I did endure writing a non-fiction for a year, but never really pursued publishing it. Think I may try online and independently to get that one out there and see if it will do anything that way.

Since I know there are so many writers who have made the grade or accomplished so much and really know their craft, I would appreciate any advice you could give me. Need encouragement to keep motivated.

Decision To Finally Pursue Writing Fiction

Well, I have finally made a decision. With the exception of this blog and one coming up in a few months on a totally different topic, I am going to stop writing any non-fiction in order to take the time to learn how to write fiction. I have been very lax about keeping up with anything and feel pressured to do those things of less interest in the hope of making money, which is scarcely rewarded.

Knowing full well, that while learning the craft of writing fiction, I will also earn nothing, I feel obsessed about doing it anyway. One of the things I have in mind is a novel on a very dark topic. To me it seems almost a logical progression if we as a nation keep going in the direction we are going in. It is a far fetched idea but as a Christian I can see it eventually happening. I need to learn much more about writing fiction before I tackle this book.

I thought about trying to do it as a short story, but it is too long in duration as far as including all the factors leading up to this unreal result and needs to be so well detailed, it probably will not be a short novel either. Since I need to walk before I run and crawl before that, I must learn the craft while trying to produce something of interest to readers. I intend to devote almost all my time to this now so other projects and short term plans, must be put on hold.

Hubby and I have some exciting long term plans which may effect how much time I will keep for writing in the future.

Because I know this will be a very slow process, I hope to find writers with useful advice and anyone who wishes to offer encouragement will be instantly befriended. I know writing can be a very lonely pursuit and so will be looking for anyone who can help me feel connected to the world.

Random thoughts and ramblings- What does independence really mean?

July 4th-a day to remember how important independence is to each and every one of us. When a country gains independence it is a reason for celebration. It means at the very least, they can govern themselves and stand alone and apart from those who would master over them.

Independence, on a more personal level, means you have the right to choose for yourself such a path as you believe to be correct and pleasing to you. It means you call the shots. It means you arrange your life and take an active part in determining your future. Independence means it is all about what you decide is best for you.

If you have become a full time writer, it means you have engaged in a move toward independence. It means you have chosen a path that is right for you. The path you decided upon is often not popular or even sane since you usually must trade a life of security and steady income for something that may never pay the bills or meet your financial needs. But, if this is the only life for you, you will learn to somehow make it work by lowering your living standards or pursuing more avenues of writing which could actually make you a living. There are so many ways to be a writer and so many ways to earn something at present, while working on that novel of the future.

Independence may mean eliminating or lowering your expenses and there are so many reasonable ways to do that if you keep your mind open. Independence in the light we are looking at as regards to a writing life means finding time to write. That could be giving up a job with long hours and serious stress or maybe working part time to enable you to actually have some hours left for writing. You must have time that is not structured with other demands so you are able to think and create. Finding writing time is one of the reasons given for not adopting the writing life full time. Although it can be a legitimate excuse, it can be overcome with creativity and stick-to-it-ive-ness.

When we go back to the freedom fought for and the independence gained to become a nation of our own, we must also spend a moment reflecting on the sacrifices including the ultimate one-giving up your very life. People must sacrifice in many ways to gain freedom and must be willing to rethink long held beliefs and embrace imaginative solutions to gain the independence they want and need. As a country, our forefathers did just that to bring about the often taken for granted freedom we enjoy in America. To gain our independence means change, sacrifice, new ideas and sometimes a complete reworking of our thinking to see the possibilities. Writers start your journey now to independence and if you are already there, please help other newbies gain the confidence and skill to make it happen.

God Bless America and all who fought and are fighting for independence.