Writers need patience

The world we live in is full of folks who want and now even expect instant gratification. The idea of slowly moving up the work chain is foreign to many people now. The concept that when you want something that costs a lot of money, you save steadily and slowly for the ability to have it, is lost on many people in our modern society. Waiting for anything involves acquiring patience and that is often unheard of in our circles today.

Writers really need patience. There are so many instances where patience is vital to a writer, even more so the average person and we forget its value.

First a writer must be patient as they search their mind and soul and heart for ideas. They must find meaningful issues to write about if they are to be successful. Though not necessarily earth shattering topics, they must be important to the writer to drive the process of creating an artistic effort. Like everyone else, we writers want it and we want it now.

Then there is the process we use to hone those writing skills and learn the trade or art if you prefer. Some of us can write for years and still not be proficient in the skills needed for writing success. Some of us are creative and have the imagination to come up with interesting and unusual ideas. Some have got the grammar and technical aspects of writing down to a science so they have excelled at that part of writing. Most of us, unless very old have not reached the point, however, where we can do it all. We still need patience no matter what amount of success we have had or not had, to learn all we can to be the best writer we can be.

When we have tackled all these parts of the writing process and we feel we have finally produced something of worth, we need to succeed at selling our work or at least sharing it so it gets read. Once again, patience is required as we receive rejection after rejection, but we really are asking someone else to trust us and have faith in us even when we do not have those confidences in ourselves. Patience is as important during this process as a thick skin and an easy going attitude.

Writers make little money unless their books are on the bestselling lists. It takes your patience to wait for a publisher to believe in you and offer to publish you. If you consistently produce good work, they may take a chance, but for most of us, until we have been writing for decades, we still produce crap occasionally or even mostly. Patience will serve you when you take your time to write the best you can. Then more patience is required to edit and rewrite what needs to be done.

The patience needed to consistently produce thousands of words daily when you are writing a book is nothing to laugh at; it is tough work. You must have the patience needed to write every day even though the finish line is far away and what you write one day may need to be deleted the next day.

Patience is a virtue for all, but for a writer it is a necessity.


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