My personal thoughts and ravings about- Selfishness, charity and character

I am constantly aware of how many selfish people are out there in the world. Many folks just do not care about anyone but themselves. If it directly affects them, they might listen to the issue. If it means a reduction in their own lifestyle by involving less money, time, relaxation or fun for them, they will give it some attention. But that is often the extent of it. Most people will not sacrifice their own comfort or happiness to help another person or another cause. This is unfortunate and not the principles on which this country was founded.

Having just gone through the immense planning involved for a fairly large fundraiser I know many people are very willing to help out and support it. What concerns me is the percentage of people you should expect to help is very, very small. Many people, even though it is for their own community, school or even their kids have little interest in supporting anything.

I must stop right here and mention, the already mentioned fundraiser turned out great due to some super bidders at the silent auction and a great many wonderful companies and individuals that donated items for that event. I am also aware of the fact that companies and individuals are inundated with requests for donations and contributions. I do feel their frustration as they must pick and choose who they can help. The problem was that the small amount of people who were helping were a fraction of the ones that should have been there.The fundraiser was really successful due to a few people working extremely hard to guarantee that, but I keep thinking, what if we all that should have helped; could have done all they could; what would the results be then? It would be absolutely amazing.

“Many hands make light work!” It is a principle we should all employ to get those large jobs done. It does not just apply to a project or fundraiser, but filling our churches and policing our organizations and government bodies and keeping politicians ethical. Lots of people each doing their share, though it just be a little, will really get things done.

I probably must admit that many people are super busy these days and barely have time to breathe, but usually this is by choice and does not just imply they are working at their job too hard. There is also a valid excuse that many of us are facing some serious financial shortfalls due to a number of factors such as unemployment and underemployment, rising prices and a lack of ability for whatever reason to just make ends meet, never mind doing extra stuff.

As people in this tough economy struggle to do just the bare minimum and we suddenly ask them to increase their financial load, it is no wonder they balk at this idea. I certainly understand as financial challenges are not new to me either.

What I keep going back to, however, is some of these things benefit your children or maybe yourself. Some of the things you’re asked to do would involve an hour or two of time within a month’s or six week period, not too taxing folks.

When I see people who go out and party at bars several times a month, or have thousands of dollars of ink all over their body, but refuse to spend a few dollars to help a cause or their children, it does depress me.

Fortunately, I can thrive on the few people who go the extra mile or support things with their scare money or their precious minutes. I applaud those folks because they know the true meaning of charity. Charitable donations of time, money or work, should typically involve a sacrifice of some sort to make it charitable. When we give to others, we should not measure the cost to us, but give from our heart and even a tiny, permanent part of ourselves as God would expect us to do.

Well, these are just my very own personal thoughts and are not meant to ridicule or complain about other people’s efforts. We each must decide for ourselves what is part of our character.


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